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smooth start

There is nothing you need to provide — no name, no phone number, no email (moreover, we won’t spam your mail with “hot deals”). A few taps and you are ready. No complexity at all, we make the flow benign and slight for you.

Account? What account?

You don’t need to create an account as usual. In one word, you will get your wallet in a few clicks. Since Plark is connected to the different blockchain nodes, being fully decentralized, you get the goodies — the 12-word backup phrase is all you need to access your funds.

Love is...Design

Flawless design is a passion. At least for us at Plark. We bring to perfection every little thing that can catch your attention. For this very reason, you’ll get back to enjoy Plark again and again. Only because of little things.

"The best crypto wallet for iPhone? Well, Plark."

— Plark Team

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Privacy matters.

Nobody has access to your personal data, but you. Plark encrypts both every transaction and private keys right on your device. The privacy should be private.

Exchange in your pocket.

You no longer need to use external exchanges, as Plark allows you to trade between Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Dash right in the app. At the same time, Plark team is adding new cryptos.

Get familiar with crypto.

We won’t load you up with technical details that don’t matter to you. Our focus is to make your “crypto entry” as smooth as possible.

Credit card

Credit card — check!

What feature the best crypto wallet for iPhone should have? Possibility to buy crypto via credit or debit card? That’s right. And Plark has it.

For now, this feature is available for Ukraine (UAH) only. The Russian Federation (RUB), USA (US Dollar) and EEA (Euro) will be added soon.

Plark AppStore QRPlark AppStore QR

Complicated can be simple. Cryptocurrency is not an exception. And we prove it. Help Center, FAQ, and 24/7 Support are at your service. We bet you will have nothing to ask left and the world of crypto will become clear as a bell for you.

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We give you total control over transactions fees. You are free to set the mining fee to speed up a transaction or lower the fee, if not in a hurry.

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Fully open-source

Transparency is trust. Plark is open-source and free of charge. We welcome clear-minded people to use our code or contribute to the project.

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It’s indeed extremely user-friendly. Even for me, a common user, this wallet is very easy to manage. And it’s super great that it doesn’t require any personal info and has no access to my funds.

Nataliia Zhurba

"Do we think Plark is the best IPhone crypto wallet? Better you say."

— Plark Team

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