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We are the team of no strangers to blockchain, and we know how to make crypto your daily habit.

We created Plark — a decentralized crypto wallet with handy stuff to get things done. Whatever feature you need to manage your digital assets is now at your fingertips. We already added the most popular cryptos with more to come. We hope, you will love our app.

A lot of people automatically dismiss e-currency as a lost cause because of all the companies that failed since the 1990's. I hope it's obvious it was only the centrally controlled nature of those systems that doomed them. I think this is the first time we're trying a decentralized, non-trust-based system.

— Satoshi Nakamoto

Our software developer Max is trying to code the app the way our mad designer wants it.

And pretends he knows how to do it ;)

Paramount security

Paramount security

Store your private key right in Plark Wallet on your device, and be the only person who keeps full control over your funds. 6-digit passcode, 12-words seed and top-notch encryption algorithms make Plark exceptionally safe.

A blockchain is a decentralized record-keeping technology, shared across a network of computers. All records bundle together into blocks and enter the chain one by one. Each block keeps a cryptographic hash of the previous block. Such a twisted game plan makes it impossible to alter or remove the data out of the chain. And it’s just the beginning of everything.
Tool set perfectly balanced

Tool set perfectly balanced

Get all needed features to manage your crypto gathered in one place. Five most popular coins, low fees, and good exchange rates. Yep, it's Plark.

Along with blockchain came Bitcoin — the first cryptocurrency designed by mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto. It revived an idea of instant payments that don’t need any third party involvement. Since that turnaround, many other digital currencies came along. It’s good to know that crypto is immune to central authority, like government or bank. It’s secure, anonymous, and damn good.
Anonymity taken further

Anonymity taken further

Don’t worry, you’re sneaking around an entirely anonymous space. Neither Plark, nor third-party providers collect any personal information about our users. You play invisible, leaving no trace behind. Like a true crypto ninja.

After many ups and downs, cryptocurrency finally finds its way towards people. As more and more uses emerged, huge investment started flowing into e-currency ecosystem. And even after the recent drop in price, the hype seems to start hitting with renewed vigour. No doubts, crypto will disrupt the traditional banking system. We only need some more time to watch it happen. And the best crypto wallet to get ready for that day.
Plark team

Dima and Stanislav showing that the entrance is over there 🤓

Kudos to our talented photographer

Oh yes, we can

— Plark team

the card is the key

Whether you are a crypto lord or just a newcomer — trading it for fiat money right in the Plark wallet sounds like a good fit. A bit of magic, and you are a trader. Whoosh!

over 4000 excited users have joined our Plark family

Credit card

Here comes Plark’s icing on the cake — a feature allowing to buy and sell crypto for UAH right in the wallet. Add your credit or debit card and join the feast of crypto life.

For now, the feature is on for Ukraine (UAH) only. The USA (US Dollar), EEA (Euro), and the Russian Federation (Rub) are coming soon.

a crypto wallet designed for your needs

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Plark is not about features. It’s about the experience you have whenever you tap the Trade button, see Bitcoin price going up, or import you old wallet into a sleek black-and-white interface. It’s about you buying your first but not last cryptocurrency and feeling proud. We sculpt each of these ways. And hope you will love it.

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Whatever input you share with us is like a gem. And we’ll use it to craft a flawless experience for you. Plark is always ready for conversation. If you have any question, issue, or suggestion — just drop us a line.

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Working routine at Plark be like… laughing at the $2K drop in bitcoin price.

and then crying in the corner

“It’s even better than a piece of infinite bubble wrap”

— words, we would like to hear from you.

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